About Us

ELEMENTS is a division of Phoenix Grande (International) Pte Ltd from Hong Kong. With the best master craftsmen and designers in Hong Kong, each piece of charm is made from high quality 925 and 999 silver. Each piece is handmade and design according to ancient motifs that bring good luck, good health, abundance, wealth and prosperity.

ELEMENTS have put together these charms and semi-precious gemstones from all over the world. Mainly from the Americanas continent, the Silk Road and the Indies. We also hold some beautiful unique and special new age gemstones, which are not easily found. Setting a meticulous quality control in our gems and charms, our customers are rest assured they enjoy the beauty and metaphysic component on each bracelet and necklace.

ELEMENTS is created to bring you jewellery with a difference. To bring harmony, perfection in chakra, balance in life, good vibes and energy, enhancement to your needs, problem solving and best of luck in everything you do or want.